Other Areas of Expertise

Topographic Map (Topo Map)
Mapping of land with elevation contours and other elevation data

F.E.M.A. Elevation Certificate
Prepare Elevation Certificate for properties identified in a Flood Zone

Condominium Map
Prepare condominium map for Common Interest Communities

Subdivision Plat
Divide un-platted or platted (replat) land for the creation of lots and blocks

Bulk Plane Survey
Prepare City of Denver Bulk Plane Exhibit for existing Bulk Plane Information.

Zone Lot Amendments
Prepare City of Denver Zone Lot Amendment Map for Zoning changes.

Parcel Reconfiguration Map
Prepare City of Denver Parcel Reconfiguration Map to combine or create parcels.

Architectural Design Survey
Locations of specific elements as specified by client architect

Deed Exhibit
Prepare graphic exhibit depicting deeded dimensions and area.